Association with the Nirvanavan Foundation

It was whilst I was living at the Satyananda Yoga Centre in London that I first became aware of the Nirvanavan Foundation, my first visit was in November 2005. A very short visit – just one day and one night; a visit made memorable by the fact that I developed a stomach problem and my first night there was spent on a hillside in rural Rajasthan coping with my troubled bowels.

It says much about the charity that I continued to visit. The simplicity and directness of Nirvana Bodhisattva has inspired me to return year after year to spend as much time there as Indian visa regulations allow. I spend my time teaching music and English, gardening, painting and decorating, and generally helping out - usually at the main school at Advaita Garden but also sometimes at one or more of the small village schools.

Establishment of Towards Nirvana

Towards Nirvana was established as a registered charity in the UK in 2008, but we had existed as a loose group for some years. Registering as a charity has given us a focus and an identity as an organisation which we are still developing and which will lead us and inspire us to providing even more support to the Nirvanavan Foundation.

I hope it is reassuring for our donors and supporters to know that all the trustees have firsthand experience of the work of the Nirvanavan Foundation in India. As trustees of Towards Nirvana we want to assure you that your money is being well used! I myself monitor the accounts of the Nirvanavan Foundation so that I can vouchsafe that our money is being used responsibly.