How we spend your money

For every £1 you give 97p is spent on the schools programme in Alwar

Towards Nirvana is run by a small group of volunteers. We do not employ any staff and we have minimal running costs. We are very aware that our donors give their money knowing that it goes directly to those in need.

Towards Nirvana uses the money that it raises to pay grants to the Nirvanavan Foundation in India.

The Nirvanavan Foundation uses the grants solely to pay for the schools that it runs. At present the schools are funded almost entirely by Towards Nirvana.

Towards Nirvana receives income from regular donors who contribute via Standing Order or PayPal, from fund-raising efforts by supporters and from occasional donations.

In financial year 2010-11 the proportion of total expenditure given in grants to the Nirvanavan Foundation for its schools programme was 97%.

  A teacher at one of the charity's schools