Childline 1098 Service

Childline India Foundation operates India’s first 24-hour emergency free-phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection.

This service is called Childline 1098 and is publicized as ‘dus-nau-aath’ (ten-nine-eight). Easy for children to remember, this number can be used anywhere within India.

Childline responds to the emergency needs of children and also links them to services for their long-term care and rehabilitation. The vision is to create a child-friendly nation that guarantees the rights and protection of all children.

From a humble beginning in 1996 Childline has grown into a national child protection service. Through its network of 400 partner organisations Childline operates in 26 states, 150 cities and receives 2.5 million calls per year from across India.

  Childline Poster

Childline in Alwar

The Childline in Alwar is a free-phone service run by the Nirvanavan Foundation and manned 24 hours every day by a dedicated team. We constantly publicise Childline within the local community.

For example, we organised a cricket tournament in the slum area of Alwar (Indians are fanatical about cricket so the children needed little encouragement). It was a great success – the winning team won a trophy and all the participants were rewarded, becoming honorary ambassadors for Childline in the process.

This was a neat way of spreading the word about this invaluable service. More recently we held workshops for the police, rickshaw drivers and firemen to keep them informed about Childline.

  Childline office in Alwar